Naboo / World State

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Naboo / World State

Post by Otacodex on Tue Jan 12, 2016 4:04 pm

One of the First known worlds to have fallen to the new threat, in the middle of the Mid Rim, Naboo has been blockaded. The Galactic Republic and the Imperial Federation haven't sent aid, and no refugee has made it off planet. The closest friend to the Naboo people is the Confederacy, however, they have been unable to contact them. Considering Naboo is a Republic or was a Republic planet, the confederacy will not act unless it is given a message of approval. The Naboo people themselves are being heavily restricted, they have no air space, vehicles that grant flight are confiscated. Due to resistance, the Naboo royal family has been dethroned and imprisoned, killed or escaped to its refugee camps in the forests and Gungan cities as the Purists don't seem to be concerned with the Gungans for the time being.

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