Main Plot / World State

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Main Plot / World State

Post by Otacodex on Tue Jan 12, 2016 3:47 pm

Centuries have passed and there has been no war, no poverty. no famine. Even with the darkness spreading, the populace of the Galaxy knew only peace. Co-existence was almost at its peak, sentient kind has finally evolved. Or so we thought, and we thought wrong. That was until the Empire was destroyed from the inside by its pride and lust for power. Neutral Planets were the first to be annexed into the Emperor's grasp, next was the outer-rim. The Republic was under-gunned, they had no military compared to the vast warships the Empire had secretly been building across the galaxy through private firms.

That was until the Empire of the Hand emerged for the first time in a thousand years, dethroned the Emperor and stopped a war before it became too much. We all knew though, that people suffered, but the rest of the galaxy that was unaffected, went on as if it never happened. However... This was only the first taste of blood in the year 2014 ABY. By now, history has written itself in many different ways, through the Adventures of the Kylo Ren and even Jacen Solo... The timeline consists of two overlapping histories, not knowing which one truly exists due to the Galactic Schism which destroyed most recorded history across the map.

Two years later, the economy crashes and the galaxy has returned to its corrupted and prideful ways once again. Tensions rose and fell, only to raise again and repeat. The Sith were on the move and wanted to strike out against the Jedi and all those who dare opposed them. The darkness which had been spreading alongside the light created numbers immeasurable in comparison. Despite this, the Republic and the Empire reunited as a joint-allied government.

In Mid-2016 ABY, a new Dynasty was brought upon the Throne; elected by the Imperials Worlds of the Outer Rim. However, not long after the Confederacy of Independent Systems made contact with the Imperial Humanitarian Convoys who were going into the Southern Outer Rim and Wild Space. Apparently those effect in the lower Outer Rim and Wild Space declined entry to the Empire, claiming that they have already suffered enough, and an even greater threat awaits them ahead. There was another covert war rising in the South, a war which had been going on for more than two hundred years. The CIS has existed in the shadows, much like the Empire of the Hand(Imperial Federation) previously.

Middle-End of the Galactic Cycle, it has been confirmed, a Faction has appeared in the Unknown and Wild Space determined to dominate the Galaxy. Their beliefs, are to eradicate anything that stands in their way. Sith, Jedi, Republic and Empire alike. Their ideal, a pure society, a controlled environment and controlled life. No War. No Famine. Only Law. Their Goal, complete assimilation, if not eradication. The Empire and Republic has nicknamed them, the Dominion.

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